€Grilled Mackerel Fillets With Roast Rhubarb and New Season Asparagus

This is a very simple dish and perfect for a quick lunch or light supper.

First prepare the asparagus by bending each stem and letting it break where it is tender. (don’t throw the ends away, Put them in a bag in the freezer, Bring them out in February when the snow is on the ground and make a soup with the asparagus and let your mind wander to the warm summer months.

Begin to sauté the asparagus in a little butter or rape seed oil until it begins to turn a rich Lincoln green. Cut the rhubarb into fingers and add to the pan on a low heat. Keep it moving but be gentle so’s not to break the rhubarb and turn it into mush.

Take your mackerel fillets and season them with salt and pepper before dusting them in flour. Heat a little oil in another pan put the fish skin side down. (don’t worry if the fish curls up, It will flatten out) fry for 2 minuets on each side.

Put the fish on your serving plate and dress with the rhubarb and asparagus. Take the pan which had the asparagus in and splash a little balsamic vinegar into it and swirl around to collect all the flavours in the pan. Pour your dressing around the fish and add a wedge of lemon

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